Invisalign® for children

An early start to a beautiful smile.

Invisalign® First brings the powerful treatment technology of invisible aligners to children as young as 7.

Young, beautiful smiles with Invisalign® First

Invisalign® First benefits from the same proven technology as standard Invisalign® aligners with a focus on the developing teeth and jaws of your child. At your initial consultation, a high definition 3D scan of your child's teeth will be taken to build a digital model that can be used to create their customised treatment plan. This does away with the need for uncomfortable bite moulds. A series of clear aligners will be manufactured using the results of your child’s 3D scan so that the aligners fit perfectly over their teeth. These aligners can be removed when necessary, so your child can still eat, practice proper oral hygiene, and play instruments and sports without compromise.

Invisalign® First

Is Invisalign® First right for my child?

Each child is different and grows at different rates; what works for one child may not be suitable for another. With this in mind, we recommend booking a smile assessment for your child so we can assess their teeth and establish the best treatment plan for them - sometimes treatment is best to begin right away, and in other cases waiting a few years may be more beneficial.

Book your child’s smile assessment

Invisalign® First

Dental Monitoring keeps it simple

Dental Monitoring makes keeping us updated on the progress of your children’s teeth easy, fun and interactive. The app downloads straight onto your mobile device and you can use the camera to take selfies of your child’s smile. These images are sent to our clinic for us to assess that the movement of your child’s teeth is following the treatment plan. If everything is going according to plan, we won’t need you to schedule an appointment with us at the clinic. In fact, we may even be able to speed up your child’s treatment process.

Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring