iTero Scanner

See the smile that your treatment has in store for you with iTero Scanning.

The iTero Scanner replaces the need to take messy moulds by taking an accurate 3D scan of your teeth using a small handheld device that uses high resolution cameras. We can use the 3D scan of your teeth to plan your customised treatment.

We can even show you a simulation of what your smile may look like at the end of treatment.

Scanning and software to leave you amazed

The amazing iTero Scanner is more than a 3D scan - the software that the scanner is paired with uses incredibly advanced technology to calculate how your teeth can be moved throughout treatment. We can provide you with a smile simulation that shows you what your smile may look like each step of the way through treatment.

iTero Scanner

How it works

Using a small wand, with a head slightly bigger than a toothbrush, we can take a scan of your entire mouth that will give us the information needed to digitally create a full 3D model of your teeth. The scanning process is quick and easy. Once your scan has been completed, your Specialist Orthodontist will use the ClinCheck software to calculate the optimal position of your teeth and give you a preview of your perfect smile.

iTero Scanner

Get your glimpse of the future

iTero scanning, along with Invisalign® treatment, helps achieve an incredible result for your smile. At your inital assessement see what the future can hold with an iTero scan.

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iTero Scanner