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"I chose Invisalign because I wanted something to fit around my lifestyle. I was comfortable wearing the aligners when I was out with friends and I really enjoyed seeing my treatment progressing every week"


What happens during your first smile assessment?

Smile Assessment

You will meet with our treatment coordinator who will discuss the possible treatment options with you or/and your child. They will also explain the advanced technology that we use with our treatment, like the iTero 3D scanner and Dental Monitoring software which allow for a more pleasant and convenient orthodontic experience.

Free 3D Scan

Using the iTero 3D Scanner, we will take a high resolution 3D scan of your teeth, and create a digital model of the inside of your mouth. This allows us to perform a simulation to show you what your smile could look like once your treatment has been completed.

Treatment Plan

Following a Smile check Assessment you will be given an opportunity to arrange a consultation with one of our Specialist Orthodontists. Once the orthodontist has undertaken a clinical assessement we will provide you with a customised treatment plan. This comprehensive plan will include information detailing the treatment options, an estimate of the treatment duration and a the total cost for your treatment. We will discuss all of this with you in depth and make sure any questions you have are answered. There is no obligation to proceed with treatment but, if you are happy with everything, we can make arrangements to commence your treatment at the time convenient for you.

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“Even before my braces were off, everyone complimented my teeth. Now that they are off I am so happy with the result. NO REGRETS!"


"Feels like having a new set of teeth and I can’t stop smiling. It was worth all the pains and aches and I am so pleased that I have it done here. The service is excellent! Special thanks to Dr Popat and his staff.”


"I am really happy with the result of this round of orthodontic treatment. Even though it took a while the effects are priceless!"


"I was very pleased with the result. Especially having braces at a late age and all the treatments I had done it was all worthwhile. Many thanks."


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