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Lingual Braces - Angle House Orthodontics

What's meant by "lingual orthodontics"?


"Lingual" comes from Latin and means ''on the side towards the tongue“. Lingual orthodontics refers to the correction of malaligned teeth by means of fixed braces fitted to the inner side of your teeth. So correct tooth positioning can be achieved without the braces being seen making them invisible to other. 


Lingual braces are the state-of-the-art design that offers an amazing technological advancement in orthodontic treatment. These braces are behind some of the most dazzling smiles that you see everyday, and yet you probably never noticed them. They are worn by people of all ages in all walks of life, who, like you, desire a more beautiful smile.


Conventional braces, whether metal or ceramic, are attached to the front of your teeth and therefore are visible. Lingual or Invisible Braces are applied behind the teeth. Since they are difficult for the casual observer to detect, Invisible Braces allow you to smile with confidence.


These braces are an alternative way to create a beautiful smile. We also provide Incognito lingual brace system which uses customised gold brackets made to your individual prescription and fitted lingually for added comfort and durability. 


A Lingual Brace fitted on the inner aspect of your teeth makes it invisible to others.


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