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What's Incognito?

Incognito is a latest type of lingual brace. "Lingual" comes from Latin and means "on the side towards the tongue“. Lingual orthodontics refers to the correction of malaligned teeth by means of fixed appliances (braces) attached to the inner side of the teeth. Thus correct tooth positioning can be achieved without the braces being seen. Incognito brace is made to measure to your individual teeth from precious metal so allows adapting to these braces quickly. 



Can any malalignment be corrected with lingual orthodontics?

Yes. Whereas removable appliances allow only simple, minor tooth move-ments, especially with adults, even extreme malalignments can be corrected with lingual orthodontics.

What is the age limit for lingual orthodontics?

There is no limit, provided the periodontal tissues are fundamentally intact, i.e. the teeth are still relatively firmly fixed in the bone. It is quite common to believe that braces are only suitable for children and adolescents. People tend to think "It's too late for me anyway", but they are often mistaken. Even patients in their sixties can be treated efficiently with fixed lingual appliances.

How long does the therapy with lingual orthodontics take, and what is the standard of the results?

No longer than therapy with conventional braces, and the results are just as good.

Does lingual orthodontics offer medical advantages in addition to aesthetic ones?

Yes. As the inner side of the teeth is more robust and less susceptible to decalcification and caries, with lingual orthodontics there is less likelihood of permanent damage to the teeth than with labial orthodontics where the braces are worn on the outer side of the teeth. If white spots, traces or decalcification appears on the outer side of the teeth even before therapy has started, lingual orthodontics is definitely the method of choice.

Is the lingual technique also suitable for children?

Yes, but not until most of the permanent teeth have erupted.

How does the new INCOGNITO system differ from traditional lingual braces?

INCOGNITO is the first totally individual bracket system for lingual orthodontics and not only offers a new variety of treatment possibilities to the orthodontist but also the highest patient comfort that is technically possible - that reduces tongue irritations and speech problems and shortens the time necessary to get use to your braces.

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